Holiday Beer Gift Ideas

Have a look at the many holiday beers available for distribution below.

Consumers: Find/request these at your favourite local retailer!
Retailers: Order/stock these festive products using the linked SKUs!

See more from The Bruery
The Bruery's 10 Lords-A-Leaping
Dark Imperial Wit Ale with ten different spices: allspice, anise, cinnamon, cloves, coriander, dried apples, ginger, mace, nutmeg and orange peel. Brewed for the 10th beer of The Bruery's "12 Days of Christmas" series.
Sing the song and enjoy the beer!
SKU 797288
See more from Nøgne Ø
Nøgne Ø's Dark Horizon Fifth Edition
Nøgne Ø put a lot of effort, care and love into brewing Dark Horizon. It is in many ways their signature brew, even if every new version is different from its predecessors. Uncompromising and unique in every way.
A truly luxurious stocking stuffer!
SKU 794675
See more from Evil Twin
Evil Twin's Gno More Gnomes
Two faces to wash and four dirty little hands. Twenty fingers. Twenty toes. As Twins, they work side by side. Double the giggles and double grins, as well double the trouble. Double the figs. Steer the pot. Boil, boil, double it all. Shouting "Gno more Gnomes", out in the night. Almost a miracle there is not a fight.
Pair these gnomes with your Christmas elves - it's a match made in heaven!
SKU 783236
2017 Alberta Craft Beer Mixer Pack
The Alberta Craft Beer Mixer Pack features a dozen beers from 11 breweries including Alley Kat, Big Rock, Common Crown, Goat Locker, GP Brewing, Half Hitch, Hell’s Basement, Ribstone Creek, Tool Shed, Troubled Monk, and Village Brewery.
Perfect for sharing with a group of friends or co-workers
SKU 795415
See more from Saugatuck
Saugatuck Brewing's Bonfire Brown
A malt forward American Brown Ale with hints of chocolate, biscuit, nutty flavors, and just a touch of smoked malt to make one think of sitting around a campfire with friends and family. Winner of "Best in Show" for the 2013 World Expo of Beer in Frankenmuth, Michigan.
Warm up on a wintery night with this award-winner
SKU 795841
See more from Windswept
Windswept's Wolf of Glen Moray
Matured in a Glen Moray whisky cask, the Wolf takes on subtle whisky aromas and smooth dark malt flavours of chocolate, coffee and burnt toffee giving way to mellow vanilla notes and gentle whisky warmth.
Fits just right in that special someone's stocking!
SKU 784380
See more from Wold Top
Wold Top Brewery's Against The Grain
Declared the most beer like of all gluten free and low gluten free beers in taste tests. Made from lager malt, maize, hops and yeast, it is a premium full flavoured bitter beer with a good creamy head, refreshing bitterness and citrus aftertaste. The gluten content is certified to be well below the required codex standard of 20 ppm.
The perfect gift for the special Celiac or gluten-senstive person in your life!
SKU 749795
See more from Evil Twin
Evil Twin's Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break
A "combined recipe" of one of Evil Twin’s Imperial Biscotti Break, an 11.5% ABV imperial stout brewed with almonds, coffee and vanilla that was first released in 2012, and Westbrook's Mexican Cake, a 10.5% ABV imperial stout brewed with almonds, cocoa nibs, coffee, cinnamon sticks, fresh habanero peppers and vanilla beans that was first released in 2012.
Spice up the holidays with something a little different, but oh so fitting
SKU 790170
See more from Lighthouse
Lighthouse Brewing's Canada 150 Heritage Ale
A tip of the watch cap to them and all of Canada's keepers. This beer honors their dedication with a malt-forward flavour infused with subtle notes of maple (for Canada), smoke (for oil lamps), and rye malt (for colour).
Embrace Canada with a beer that celebrates who we are!
SKU 793632
See more from Weihenstephaner
Weihenstephaner's Vitus
A light-coloured, spicy single-bock wheat beer, for both beer lovers and the beer connoisseur. Extra long and cold storage in our monastery cellars makes this single-bock a really special beer with full body and a distinctively great mouthfeel.
Universally rated and regarded as a best-in-class - Vitus is the gift everyone agrees on.
SKU 265140

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