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Like Advent, but with Beer!


The History

When we first introduced our wildly popular, one-of-a-kind Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar in 2012, we never could have guessed how much joy it would bring to beer enthusiasts across Canada! In its debut year, this (adult only) BeerAdvent® calendar was the hottest gift idea the Canadian beverage industry had seen in decades. The demand for it was so intense, it sold out in a matter of days.

Growing Demand

In the following years, to supply the growing demand from our eager customers, we increased our craft packs production and added a little more magic. Our 2014 edition of the Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar was filled with delectable craft beers from 17 countries around the world while in our 2015 Calendar, we took you from 'coast to coast' and invited you to explore the taste of 24 remarkable craft beers. In fact, within this BeerAdvent® calendar edition were delicious beers brewed exclusively for our customers, making it the ideal Christmas gift idea for family and friends.

The Year of 2019

In the 2019 edition of the Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar, we tip our glasses to the fine brewers of Belgium and the classic styles that originated there. With 11 beers from Belgium and 13 Belgian-inspired beers from the rest of the world, this year's Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar is a journey through tradition and innovation.

While Belgium evokes many images (chocolate, waffles and frites, oh my!), all beer lovers know of the delicious, meticulously-crafted beverage that comes inside the calendar: BEER. Yes, the Belgian tradition in craft beer is legendary. From its modest beginnings in the hands of Trappist Monks in Flanders and Wallonia, Belgian craft beer has become an international sensation. The Belgian styles we have come to know and love - dubbels, tripels, quads, golden ales, saisons and many more that defy categorization - have become the inspiration for countless craft breweries worldwide, all of whom are intent on capturing the quality, flavour and all-around excellence we have come to expect from Belgian craft beer.

We hope that with each day of Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar you can gain a renewed appreciation for Belgian-style beer because, well, it’s awesome! And with that said, we’d love to hear your thoughts on each beer!! Check us out on Facebook (The Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar), Twitter (@craftbeeradvent), or Instagram (@craftbeeradvent) and share your thoughts of each beer! Your comments and on the beers and breweries help us decide on the direction on next year's calendar. We appreciate your input; it helps us build a community and serve our mission: We Bring Good Beer to Good People™.

Sante! (French Belgium) and Proost! (Dutch Belgium)

We help grow and nurture the community of craft beer enthusiasts by providing tasting notes and backstories for each beer in the Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar, updated live on our BeerAdvent® Facebook page during the countdown so you can learn about and rejoice in the rich history of the beers you are savouring.

2019 Daily Notes

Day 1: ???

Day 2: ???

Day 3: ???

Day 4: ???

Day 5: ???

Day 6: ???

Day 7: ???

Day 8: ???

Day 9: ???

Day 10: ???

Day 11: ???

Day 12: ???

Day 13: ???

Day 14: ???

Day 15: ???

Day 16: ???

Day 17: ???

Day 18: ???

Day 19: ???

Day 20: ???

Day 20: ???

Day 21: ???

Day 22: ???

Day 23: ???

Day 24: ???

Looking for a Christmas gift idea that everyone will love? Call us today at 1-877-519-9955 to learn more about our exclusive craft packs and discover the joy of our Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar.

BeerAdvent® FAQ

Where is the BeerAdvent® Calendar Available?

Calendars will be available in:

Also, laws in Canada do not allow us to sell or ship directly to customers.

Please visit our Facebook page - to find a location near you.

BeerAdvent® Calendar Operating Instructions

  1. Give a great big hug to whoever gave you this fantastic gift. If you bought it for yourself, give yourself a high five.
  2. Put the box where you can easily get to it everyday, but where your spouse or roommate won't steal it. Buying an extra Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar for your spouse or roommate is a good way to prevent theft of yours.
  3. Start on December 1. If you start on a later date, no problem, we're confident that you will catch up...but be sure to pace yourself.
  4. On every morning of the BeerAdvent®, open the window marked with the number of that day and take out the bottle.
  5. Get excited about the beer you are holding in your hand. Check out the brewery's website if you want to learn more.
  6. Put the beer in the fridge and let it chill for a few hours.
  7. Get dressed and maybe go to work and hope no one at home takes your beer. See Instruction #2 on how to reduce the risk of someone taking your beer.
  8. Come home from work and grab the beer out of the fridge. Select a beer glass of your choice and pour the beer into it.
  9. Enjoy the beer with your eyes, nose and mouth... but don't pour any beer into your eyes or nose.
  10. On days 1 to 23, start dreaming about tomorrow's beer. On December 24, start dreaming about next year's Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar, which will feature 24 entirely different beers. Maybe another hug or high five is in order.

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