Mortal Kombat Beer is Coming!

A Beer for Giants - Mortal Kombat is Coming!

We're SO excited to add these beers to our portfolio!  We want to make sure that as soon as it's available you can start enjoying it!  Shoot us your info and we'll send you a quick note with the when and where!  We also want to assure you that your privacy is very important to us and you will NEVER hear from anyone other than us!

Again, here are highlights on the lineup:

Crafted with an ABV (Alcohol by Volume) of 8%-8.5%, the Mortal Kombat X brews have the ability to match the intensity and excitement of the game with their bold and unique flavors. These include:

  • Scorpion Imperial Stout - This slow creeping, chili-infused Imperial Stout packs an enjoyable jolt with hints of vanilla to help soften the bite.
  • Sub-Zero Imperial Indian Pale Ale - Sub-Zero may have been killed by Scorpion ages ago, but he’s been resurrected. This craft beer is a perfect mix of malt and hops - one that will send a refreshing chill down your spine.
  • Raiden Imperial Saison - This Belgian style ale will torpedo your taste buds with an electrifying blast of hops and CO2.