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DAY 24: Brasserie de Cazeau, Tournay de Noel

DAY 24!! The final day of Advent and the final beer! Thank you for purchasing the 2019 Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar. It's been great to hear all of your feedback and thoughts on each beer. We hope you enjoyed the selection this year!

The Tournay de Noel from Brasserie Cazeau in Templeuve Belgium is the final beer in this years calendar. Unlike many Christmas beers that are loaded with spices, the Tournay de Noel instead goes for roundness to be enjoyed by the side of an open fire! (without sacrificing strength or great flavours!).

"Between Tradition and Innovation:

Brasserie de Cazeau is a family craft brewery created in Templeuve, in Greater Tournai, in 1753. Since then, eight generations of enthusiastic brewers have succeeded one another at its head. Currently, the brewery offers five beers with great character that are neither filtered nor pasteurized, all of which are refermented in the bottle. If the brewery is keen on the traditional manufacturing process, it is nevertheless oriented towards innovation through a continuous search for new tastes so that beer aficionados will ever be surprised. At Brasserie de Cazeau, new typified hops, of various origins, are unceasingly tested and mixed in order to obtain beers with original, refined flavours."

Brasserie de Cazeau
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Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! Very best wishes to you and yours. Thanks again for joining us on a beer journey through Advent!

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