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  • Dec 24, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 24: Brasserie de Cazeau, Tournay de Noel

DAY 24!! The final day of Advent and the final beer! Thank you for purchasing the 2019 Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar. It's been great to hear all of your feedback and thoughts on each beer. We hope you enjoyed the selection this year! The. . .

  • Dec 23, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 23: Sound, Coffee Ursus Spelaeus

DAY 23! The one and only stout in this calendar is from Sound Brewing in Poulsbo, Washington. The Coffee Ursus Spelaeus Belgian Style Imperial Stout is a lovely re-imagination of the Ursus Spelaeus with added coffee flavours! "Named for a long. . .

  • Dec 22, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 22: Brouwerij de Molen, Tekst & Uilteg

DAY 22! This Sunday brew is brought to you by one of the finest breweries in Europe, De Molen. The Tekst & Uitleg Pale Ale Saison-ish is a clever and truly inspired blend of styles. . . Brouwerij De Molen info via Wikipedia: "Brouwerij De. . .

  • Dec 21, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 21: Birra Dell' Eremo, Saggia Blanche

DAY 21!! Buona giornata! The Saggia from Birra Dell'Eremo in Assisi Italy! This lovely, light and refreshing blanche is an excellent rendition of the wit/blanche style that originated in the French speaking region of Belgium and. . .

  • Dec 20, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 20: Millevertus, Mere Vertus

DAY 20! Friday! Tripel time! This 9% "Sacred Triple", Mere Vertus, is brought to you by Millevertus Brasserie Artisinale in Breuvanne (Tigtigny) Belgium. "A passion for creativity. A search for the best. A love of taste. Our beers are the result. . .

  • Dec 19, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 19: Uiltje Brewing, Wingman Watermelon Wit

DAY19! The Wingman Watermelon Wit beer from Uiltje Brewing in Haarlem, Netherlands. A crisp, clean taste with a hint of watermelon makes this Dutch brew a Belgian inspired hit! "Brewing the best Dutch beers is not easy nowadays. There is an. . .

  • Dec 18, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 18: Brouwerij de Plukker, Rookop Bruin

DAY 18!! A dubbel-style ale from the very cool hop farm/ brewery in Poperinge, Belgium. The Rookop Bruin uses Admiral & Goldings hops and has a fruity, sweet character. Hop farm of Joris Cambie: "The hop is by nature a climbing plant. The hop. . .

  • Dec 17, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 17: Brouwhuys de Vaart, Luvanium Blond

DAY 17!! Luvanium Blond a classic Belgian blonde ale from Brouwhuys de Vaart in Hofstade, Belgium. "Luvanium blond is a beer full of tradition, inspired by the famous Leuven beer from the 18th century that was immensely popular in the low. . .

  • Dec 16, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 16: Zipline, Cherry Dubbel

DAY 16! We kick off the last full week of Advent with the Cherry Dubbel from Zipline Brewing in Lincoln, Nebraska. This Dubbel features REAL Balaton Cherries. "Zipline Brewing Co. crafts artisan ales and lagers with high quality precision in. . .

  • Dec 15, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 15: Belgian Brew Factory, BOHO Blond

DAY 15! After boozy beers the last couple of days, we now take a step back for a crisp and smooth blond: Boho Organic Blond Beer. Boho, brewed by Belgian Brew factory in Heule, Belgium features grassy notes and a yeasty complex. This organic beauty. . .

  • Dec 14, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 14: Brouwerij Het Nest, Kleveretien

DAY 14!!! Another heavy hitter! In at 10%, buckle up for the Klevertien "Ten of Clubs" from Brouwerij Het Nest in Oud-Turnhout, Belgium. This Quad has all the boozy warmth to keep you feeling warm today! "When we started a closed beer-tasting. . .

  • Dec 13, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 13: Boxing Rock, Tripel

DAY 13!!! O Canada! This Tripel from Boxing Rock Brewing Company in Shelburne, Nova Scotia is an exemplary rendition of the classic Belgian Tripel. It may be Friday the 13th, but beer this good can only brings about good things! "Boxing Rock was. . .

  • Dec 12, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 12: Whitepony Microbrewery, Dead Sun Rising

Day 12! This is an imperial dark smoked saison with cocoa nibs and US hops AKA Dead Sun Rising. The origin of this dark, smoky brew is Belgium, and the brewery, White Pony Microbrewery. "A dark wicked sun is rising above the masses. Powered by. . .

  • Dec 11, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 11: Harpoon Brewing, UFO White

Day 11!! Contact! The aliens have landed. UFO White is a crisp light bodied, white beer brewed at Harpoon Brewery in Boston, Massachusetts. "Thanks to a trip to the Pacific Northwest in the ‘90s, the idea for UFO was born. We saw breweries. . .

  • Dec 10, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 10: Crazy Mountain, Amber Ale

DAY 10!! Lets get LOCO with the Amber Ale from Crazy Mountain Brewing in Colorado. This malty, smooth amber features a resident of the Crazy Mountain, Sheamus, on the label. Sheamus = Owl + Mule Deer + Bobcat. "Here at Crazy Mountain, we believe. . .

  • Dec 09, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 9: Tiny Rebel, Paper Planes

DAY 9!! Week two of Advent begins with a Belgian inspired IPA from Tiny Rebel In Newport, Wales, UK. PAPER PLANES! "We are Tiny Rebel, an award-winning brewery from Newport, South Wales. We are the youngest and only Welsh brewery to win. . .

  • Dec 08, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 8: Brewhouse Karbo, Blanka

DAY 8!! Sundays beer is a blanche nicknamed "Blanka" by Brewhouse Karbo brewed Laakdal, Belgium. The philosophy at Karbo: "We brew our beers ourselves - be it our own beers or the beers we make on demand - in a very natural and passionate way. . . .

  • Dec 07, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 7: Brasserie Valduc, THOR

DAY 7!! A bruin as bold and strong as the God it was named after: THOR. This 9. 5% ale is from Brasserie Valduc in Thorembais-Saint-Trond, Belgium. "Nestled in the middle of the village of Thorembais-Saint-Trond, the brewery Thor-Valduc chose this. . .

  • Dec 06, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 6: Captain Lawrence, Liquid Gold

DAY 6! Happy Friday! This Belgian style ale is from The Captain Lawrence Brewing Company in Elmsford, New York. "Founded in 2006, Captain Lawrence Brewing Co. is Westchester’s and the Hudson Valley’s largest craft brewery. Captain Lawrence. . .

  • Dec 05, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 5: BOM Brewery, Triporteur From Hell

DAY 5!!! After Belgian inspired beers on DAY 3 & 4, back to Belgium for DAY 5 and the Triporteur from Hell, brewed by BOM Brewery in Roeselare, Belgium. While the name of this delicious dubbel porter does not mesh with the Advent season, the flavors. . .

  • Dec 04, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 4: The Lost Abbey, Devotion

DAY 4!! A beer sure to excite craft beer enthusiasts across Canada! Devotion from The Lost Abbey in San Marcos, California. This Blonde ale comes from a brewery that prides itself on Belgian beer exceptionalism (if their name didn't give it. . .

  • Dec 03, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

DAY 3: 3 Sheeps Brewing, Rebel Kent

DAY 3!! It's a delicious Abbey Single, Rebel Kent, from 3 Sheeps Brewing Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Their philosophy for this beer is wrapped in Belgian inspiration: "Every sip of Rebel Kent is a science experiment in your mouth. . . .

  • Dec 02, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 2: Brasserie de Jandrain-Jandrenouille, VI Wheat

To Belgium for DAY 2! This offering, the VI Wheat, from Brasserie de Jandrain-Jandrenouille The Féculerie farm in Jandrain-Jandrenouille was transformed into a brewery in the summer of 2007. That year, the first product of the brewery was born,. . .

  • Dec 01, 2019
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 1: Voodoo Brewery, Voodoo Love Child

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: 8 Wired God Save The Lager
  • Dec 24, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 24: 8 Wired Brewing/Bridge Road Brewers God Save The Lager

Imperial Pilsner And so another delicious Craft BeerAdvent Calendar comes to a close. But not without a bang! Putting aside Aussie/Kiwi differences, 8 Wired hooked up with Bridge Road Brewers and ramped up this classic Australasian Lager. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: 8 Wired Brewing Stone Free
  • Dec 23, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 23: 8 Wired Brewing Stone Free

American Wild Ale Christmas is almost here, so why not enjoy a kettle sour fermented on apricots courtesy of the masters at 8 Wired. Brewed for the Great Australasian Beer Spectacular, we were lucky enough to sneak a bit into bottles to make. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Eight Degrees Brewing Phat Phantom
  • Dec 22, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 22: Eight Degrees Brewing/Jameson Irish Whiskey Phat Phantom

Irish Stout Being in County Cork, home to the distillery where all Jameson is produced, Eight Degrees skipped the brewery collab and hooked up with their whiskey brethren to barrel age their Irish Stout for a perfect match. With lovely. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Eight Degrees Brewing Warrior
  • Dec 21, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 21: Eight Degrees Brewing Warrior

Irish Ale Kiwi Scott and Aussie Cam founded Eight Degrees Brewing in Ireland, so you know you're getting something worldly today. Warrior is a draft exclusive bottled just for the BeerAdvent calendar and it's a Red Ale like you've. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Nøgne Ø Winter Storm
  • Dec 20, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 20: Nøgne ؘ/Beer Here Winter Storm

Export Stout Teaming up with Beer Here from the Danish island of Bornholm, Winter Storm is a big, rich stout spiced with nordic herbs and the Norwegian yeast strain Kveik. Kveik gives the beer a touch of fruitiness in addition to this. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Nøgne Ø Calm Christmas
  • Dec 19, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 19: Nøgne ؘ Calm Christmas

Belgian Strong Pale Ale It shouldn't surprise that the Norwegian brewers at Nøgne Ø know how to craft a heckuva Belgian Tripel using small amounts of orange peel and cinnamon. A perfect fit as we approach the holidays. The beer has a. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Brouwerij Alvinne Une Belle Histoire
  • Dec 18, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 18: Brouwerij Alvinne/Rosny Beer Une Belle Histoire

American Porter Beer knows no boundaries, and today's choice is no exception. Alvinne partnered with French brewery Rosny Beer to craft Une Belle Histoire, a farmhouse porter made with cold steeped coffee. Pours dark reddish-brown with. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Brouwerij Alvinne Morpheus Saison
  • Dec 17, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 17: Brouwerij Alvinne Morpheus Saison

Saison As a Belgian microbrewery, Alvinne is up against ancient greats, but with passion, dedication and their Morpheus house yeast, they are able to brew this thirst-quenching Belgian Saison with a small blend of their Omega sour beer for a. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: White Pony Jefe Passion Fruit
  • Dec 16, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 16: White Pony Microbrewery/Panil Birrificio Jefe Passion Fruit

Weissbier Today's beer is a joint effort between White Pony and Panil; together they crafted a modern Hefeweizen with an added dry hopping of Motueka and topped off with passion fruit flavours for something so familiar and yet. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: White Pony Microbrewery Ambra
  • Dec 15, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 15: White Pony Microbrewery Ambra

Belgian Strong Pale Ale Head brewer Rob at White Pony works hard to bring real craft beer to the Italian scene, and his Belgian Strong, Ambra is no exception. To no surprise, it pours a medium amber colour with a thin white head. Notes of. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Yankee & Kraut Stout
  • Dec 14, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 14: Yankee & Kraut/Hoppebräu Stout

Export Stout For today's beer, Bryan & Max called in friends at Hopper Bräu to brew a dry and light, American Stout. . . which brings a sort of balance to the dichotomy of the duo. . . I like to think. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX . . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Yankee & Kraut Saison
  • Dec 13, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 13: Yankee & Kraut Saison

Saison Like a collaboration in itself, Bryan France and Max Senner, joined as Yankee & Kraut, a unique microbrewery in Germany constantly pushing and twisting the envelope of German beer such is the case in today's Bavarian. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Brouwerij Frontaal Ceres
  • Dec 12, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 12: Brouwerij Frontaal/Walhalla Brouwerij Ceres

Scotch Ale At the halfway point of the calendar, we get our 6th collaboration! Brouwerij Frontaal connected with his pals at Walhalla in Amsterdam to create a very approachable Scotch Ale. This beer appears a hazy, brownish amber with an. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Frontaal Can You Pass Me The Milk?
  • Dec 11, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 11: Brouwerij Frontaal Can You Pass Me The Milk?

Sweet Stout From Denmark, we head down to the Netherlands where we met self-taught brewer, Roel Buckens, who started Brouwerij Frontaal. He dug into his book of recipes and brought us his delicious Milk Stout. The beer pours black with a. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Ugly Duck Brewing Export Lager
  • Dec 10, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 10: Ugly Duck Brewing/Hornbeer Export Lager

Dortmunder Lager Today's beer is a collaboration between Ugly Duck Brewing and another Danish brewery, Hornbeer. Together, they've taken the often overlooked style of Lager and twisted it with some trendy Nelson Sauvin hops for. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Ugly Duck Brewing Galaxy
  • Dec 09, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 9: Ugly Duck Brewing Galaxy

Belgian Pale Ale We've had enough North American beer up to this point, so today we've jumped back across the Atlantic to craft beer-hotbed, Denmark, for Ugly Duck Brewing's Galaxy Belgian-style Blonde. Pours hazy orange with a. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Evil Twin Brewing The Check Please
  • Dec 08, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 8: Evil Twin Brewing/Blank Brewing The Check Please

Flavoured India Pale Ale Jeppe at Evil Twin has more than a few brewer connections, but he dug deep into his own locale to collaborate with nano brewery you've probably never hear of, but should make note of: Blank Brewing. Pours. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Evil Twin Brewing Fruit Salad
  • Dec 07, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 7: Evil Twin Brewing Fruit Salad

Flavoured India Pale Ale Our good friend, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø at Evil Twin Brewing is in the midst of transitioning from gypsy brewer to setting up shop in his transplanted home town of Brooklyn, New York. But before settling down, we. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Yukon Brewing Spruce & Tamarack IPA
  • Dec 06, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 6: Yukon Brewing/NWT Brewing Spruce & Tamarack IPA

India Pale Ale Today's beer unites the north - between Yukon Brewing in Whitehorse and NWT Brewing in Yellowknife to create a beer true to themselves. An IPA with locally-foraged Spruce and Tamarack tips. The beer is a light amber and. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Yukon Brewing Imperial Stout
  • Dec 05, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 5: Yukon Brewing Imperial Stout

Imperial Stout From the beaches of Mexico, we jump to northern Canada to craft pioneers Yukon Brewing for a bold, British-style Imperial Stout. Pouring jet black with a thin, tan head, notes of roasted coffee and chocolate pop out right. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Baja Brewing Ay Ay Ay PA
  • Dec 04, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 4: Baja Brewing/Cervecería Cholula Ay Ay Ay PA

India Session Ale Baja Brewing teamed up with brothers-in-brewing at Cervecería Cholula across the Gulf of California in Puebla, just south east of Mexico City to brew a sessionable IPA that lends itself perfectly to sun and beaches. . . or. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Baja Brewing Mexican IPA
  • Dec 03, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 3: Baja Brewing Mexican IPA

India Pale Ale Today we head down the Baja California Peninsula to Cabo San Lucas, where Colorado native Jordan Gardenhire fell in love with the location and decided to bring craft beer to this sunny destination. Now we're bringing that. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Tiny Rebel Orange Mocha Frapp
  • Dec 02, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 2: Tiny Rebel/Fierce Beer Orange Mocha Frapp

Sweet Stout The first collaboration of the calendar joins the Tiny Rebel with their UK brethren, Fierce Beer in Aberdeen. An inspiration from Derek Zoolander's coffee of choice that's just as crazy good as it sounds! It pours. . .

2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar: Tiny Rebel FUBAR
  • Dec 01, 2018
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 1: Tiny Rebel FUBAR

American Pale Ale New year, new beer! Or should we say new brewery!! The 2018 Craft BeerAdvent Calendar begins across the Atlantic in Newport, South Wales with Tiny Rebel; an award-winning brewery that focuses on super tasty beer. In. . .

Pohjala Jouluoo
  • Dec 24, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 24: Põhjala Jõuluöö

Imperial Porter Our calendar has come to a close as now all of the windows have been opened, with the final one revealing an Oak Aged Imperial Porter from Põhjala in Estonia. This rich, luxurious pour reveals a cappuccino-esque foam on. . .

DuClaw Brewing Sweet Baby Java
  • Dec 23, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 23: DuClaw Brewing Sweet Baby Java

Porter DuClaw Brewing out of Maryland is responsible for the penultimate brew of this year's box. Sweet Baby Jesus finished off the 2015 pack, and in 2017, its jittery cousi makes a first appearance in Canada. Hop gunned with. . .

Bridge Brewing Santa's Sac
  • Dec 22, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 22: Bridge Brewing Santas Sac

Belgian Strong Ale Our 22nd beer has us back in North Vancouver, British Columbia, and this beer is full of treats for the good #craftbeer boys and girls (of legal drinking age). Conceived and brewed especially for the 2017 Craft. . .

La Debauche Saison
  • Dec 21, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 21: La Débauche Saison

Saison We are in France for day 21 with a Saison to mark the changing of the seasons, from Brasserie La Débauche, in Angoulême. Traditionally, saison styles, or farmhouse ales have their roots in France and Belgium, with the beer being. . .

Loncium Gingerbread Man
  • Dec 20, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 20: Loncium Gingerbread Man

Spice/Herb/Vegetable Our beer today is from Austria, Biermanufaktur Loncium's Gingerbread Man, a spicy seasonal dark ale. This beer is lightly spiced with cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg to evoke the aroma of freshly baked gingerbread. . .

Sound Brewery Baltic Porter
  • Dec 19, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 19: Sound Brewery Baltic Porter

Baltic Porter Today's brew comes from the West Coast, in Poulsbo, Washington, Sound Brewery's Baltic Porter, released specially for this year's Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar. Baltic porters, while rich and dark, use a lager yeast. . .

Ticketybrew Salted Caramel Coffee Stout
  • Dec 18, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 18: Tickeybrew Salted Caramel Coffee Stout

Sweet Stout We are hitting the 3/4 mark of this year's calendar, with another fantastic little microbrew out of the UK, this time from Ticketybrew in Stalybridge, just outside of Manchester to the East. This beer incorporates. . .

Big Sky Barrel Aged Power Wagon
  • Dec 17, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 17: Big Sky Barrel Aged Power Wagon

Barley Wine Our 17th beer is from Big Sky Brewing Company in Missoula, Montana, and is a barrel-aged release of their wheat wine, Power Wagon. With three different strains of wheat, comprising 53% of the grain bill on this brew, aromatics. . .

Wold Top Ditto Doppelbock
  • Dec 16, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 16: Wold Top Ditto Doppelbock

Doppelbock Today's beer comes to us from the Wold Top brewery in Yorkshire, England. Ditto is a rich, dark, malty beer with a lightly hopped edge brewed from a blend of Munich and crystal malts. Ditto was brewed to celebrate the. . .

Crazy Mountain 2017 Bridge Street Holiday Ale
  • Dec 15, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 15: Crazy Mountain 2017 Bridge Street Holiday Ale

Spice/Herb/Vegetable Today's brew comes to us from Crazy Mountain Brewing Company in Denver, Colorado. This amber ale is flavoured with maple syrup and winter baking spices in a beer brewed to celebrate the holiday season. Perfect for. . .

White Pony Dark Signs
  • Dec 14, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 14: White Pony Dark Signs

Abt/Quadrupel Day number 14 brings us a bold, Belgian-style strong ale from an extremely cool little microbrewery in Italy, White Pony. While Dark Signs may sound like its intentions are less than pure for your Advent enjoyment, this brew. . .

Duck Rabbit Wee Heavy Scotch Ale
  • Dec 13, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 13: The Duck-Rabbit Wee Heavy

Scotch Ale Lucky number 13 in this year's Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar is from The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery in Farmville, North Carolina. Their Wee Heavy, however, might transport you to the Highlands of Scotland, with rich malty,. . .

Nickel Brook Half Bastard
  • Dec 12, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 12: Nickel Brook Half Bastard Stout

Stout We've got an all-star treat for you, a more "sessionable" version of Bolshevik Bastard, which some of you may remember from all ®. It may be light on alcohol content, but not when it comes to flavour, body and aroma. It's. . .

De Molen Dasher & Dancer
  • Dec 11, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 11: De Molen Dasher & Dancer

Amber Ale You know Dasher & Dancer, do you? You don't know this one, because it is another Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar exclusive beer, from Brouwerij De Molen in the Netherlands. This one is a holiday Red Ale with some lovely caramel. . .

Microbrasserie Le Grimoire La Shamans
  • Dec 10, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 10: Microbrasserie Le Grimoire La Shamans

Witbier We're at double digits for this year's calendar and we are happy to be showcasing a beer from one of the new arrivals in our portfolio, Microbrasserie Le Grimoire out of Granby, Quebec Their Shamans has the cure for what. . .

8 Wired Palate Trip Sour IPA
  • Dec 09, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 9: 8 Wired Palate Trip Sour IPA

Sour/Wild Ale Sour beers have been a bit of a point of contention for some of our Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar fans past and present, but without question, sour beers are not a trend or a fad in the craft brewing scene. We decided to go out. . .

Clown Shoes Advent Party Crasher
  • Dec 08, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 8: Clown Shoes Advent Party Crasher

Imperial Stout Behind door #8 lies yet another Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar exclusive, this one from Clown Shoes Brewing in Ipswich, Massachusetts. They have a brew known as Undead Party Crasher upon which this recipe, but they have removed. . .

Camba Bavaria Grisette
  • Dec 07, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 7: Camba Bavaria Grisette

Belgian Ale Lucky number 7 in our Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar adventure is the Grisette from Camba Bavaria. One of the lightest beers in this year's calendar, this beer has a lot of subtle flavours, influenced by some wheat in the grain. . .

Belching Beaver Beavers Milk Stout Nitro
  • Dec 06, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 6: Belching Beaver Beavers Milk Stout

Sweet Stout We're at the 1/4 mark of the 2017 Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar, but we're by no means done with the surprises in store in this year's box. In an advent calendar first, we've included a beer on Nitro for the. . .

Naparbier Alien Klaw IPA
  • Dec 05, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 5: Naparbier Alien Klaw IPA

India Pale Ale (IPA) We are travelling to Spain for day 5 of the Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar from a brewery called Naparbier. We didn't have a Krampus beer specifically this year, but found this Alien Klaw to be supernatural, and. . .

Evil Twin The Quads Are Not What They Seem
  • Dec 04, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 4: Evil Twin The Quads Are Not What They Seem

Abt/Quadrupel Today's workweek kicks off with a robust Monday treat from the mysterious mind of Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso and Evil Twin Brewing. The beer title is a subtle homage to devotees of the TV show, Twin Peaks, featuring the phrase. . .

Saugatuck Cocanuck Stout
  • Dec 03, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 3: Saugatuck Cocanuck Stout

Sweet Stout On the third day of BeerAdvent®, we go back to the shores of Lake Michigan, and the creative wizards of flavoured stouts that populate the brewing team at Saugatuck Brewing Company. The "Cocanuck" is one of 3 exclusive. . .

Nøgne Ø Dubbel Advent
  • Dec 02, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 2: Nøgne Ø Dubbel Advent

Abbey Dubbel Day 2 has us on a journey to Norway for one of our favourite BeerAdvent® breweries, Nøgne Ø. This is their 3rd entry into our calendars over the past 6 years, and all of their beers manage to capture the joy and wonder of. . .

Shipyard Brewing Export Ale
  • Dec 01, 2017
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 1: Shipyard Brewing Export Ale

Golden Ale/Blond Ale We begin our 2017 Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar adventure with the beer that built Shipyard Brewing, first brewed in June of 1992. Thoughtfully engineered based upon English tradition but is brewed with the finest ingredients. . .

2016 day 24 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 24, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 24: White Pony December Flower

Belgian Strong Ale Strong specialty golden ale brewed with a super amount of malts and candy sugar, fermented with two yeast strains and dry hopped with orange peels and coriander for a graceful and complex bouquet of ripe yellow fruits,. . .

2016 day 23 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 23, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 23: Orkney Clootie Dumpling

Bitter The name Clootie Dumpling comes from the traditional Scottish spiced pudding and the cloth or cloot it is wrapped in. This fruity, spiced winter ale exhibits all the warming characters of that famous dish. It has a rich fruity nose. . .

2016 day 22 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 22, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 22: Evil Twin Sauerkirsche Stout

Imperial Stout Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, the evil twin at Evil Twin Brewing makes his second entry into this year's calendar - this time a full on Evil Twin creation produced at Cervesa del Montseny in Barcelona. This beer is robust with. . .

2016 day 21 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 21, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 21: La Débauche Cognac Barrel

Barley Wine La Débauche is a young artisan brewery in Angouleme run by a couple of beer lovers. From their desire to share their passion and their culture of one of the oldest drinks in the world, was born La Débauche. Every beer is above. . .

2016 day 20 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 20, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 20: Verzet Oud Bruin Hip Hops

Sour Red/Brown This traditional beer style, typical for the region of the southwest of Flanders, in Northern Belgium, wakes up your mouth with a big punch in the face. Once your senses are recovered, you will discover a mixture of winey. . .

2016 day 19 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 19, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 19: Wold Top Shepherd's Watch

Old Ale A rich, dark ale with an underlying maltiness and subtle soft fruit aroma, ideal for keeping the chill of winter at bay. The roasted barley and pale chocolate malt give a deep red hue; the hop combination of Progress, Styrian. . .

2016 day 18 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 18, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 18: Birrificio del Ducato Molotov

Spice/Herb/Vegetable Proudly brewed with wasabi and an appetite for destruction. Beginning in 2007, Ducato Microbrewery is today's most awarded Italian brewery. It is located in Roncole Verdi, a small village in Parma County, birth. . .

2016 day 17 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 17, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 17: MONYO Black Alligator

Saison The MONYO Brewing Co. presents a Black Alligator, the ruthless predator. The beer is based on a traditional saison with a spicy character of the three types of yeast and the addition of juniper Alligator Pepper makes it unique. The. . .

2016 day 16 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 16, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 16: Brewski / Evil Twin Gno More Gnomes

Barley Wine Two faces to wash and four dirty little hands. Twenty fingers. Twenty toes. As Twins, they work side by side. Double the giggles and double grins, as well double the trouble. Double the figs. Steer the pot. Boil, boil, double it. . .

2016 day 15 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 15, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 15: Põhjala ÖÖ

Baltic Porter Translation: Night. An Imperial Baltic Porter as dark as the Estonian winter nights. Strong enough to keep you warm through the cold evenings. A clean burnt sugar dominates, immediately giving way to rich dark fruits -. . .

2016 day 14 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 14, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 14: Oud Beersel Bersalis Sourblend

Sour/Wild Ale The Blending of Beer is an Art! To celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the revival of the Oud Beersel Brewery, the brewmaster transposed his blending skills on blending "Ale" with "Lambic" to create Bersalis Sourblend, a beer. . .

2016 day 13 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 13, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 13: Nøgne Ø Adventurous Brown

American Strong Ale Adventurous Brown is a celebration of Advent. A time filled with Christmas preparations and great expectations. Aged on oak and cypress, and with a distinct character of molasses and malt we think it will put you in the. . .

2016 day 12 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 12, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 12: Wąsosz / Humalove Pukki

Grodziskie This particular beer is an effective co-operation between Polish and Finnish brewers. The recipe was made together by the guys from Browar Wąsosz and Humalove Brewing, to give this traditional Polish beer a Finnish twist. Made. . .

2016 day 11 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 11, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 11: De Molen Winter Saison

Saison A spicy yet refreshing light saison. Seasoned with Timut & Szechuan pepper, mustard seeds, juniper and it wouldn't be a Brouwerij de Molen brew without a considerable amount of tasty hops. An easy drinking "all season" saison. . . .

2016 day 10 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 10, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 10: BIIR Equinox Triple IPA

Imperial IPA Inspired by West Coast hop-bomb Triple IPAs, this is an extreme beer with an insane amount of malts and Equinox hops. Pours a clear golden-orange with a large and creamy white head. Aroma has lovely hops, lychee, black tea and. . .

2016 day 9 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 09, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 9: Fabryka Piwa Deep Space

Foreign Stout A foreign extra stout that is as dark as deep space with a rich body and a smooth feel on the palette. Enjoy the roasted flavours & the coffee aromas in this slightly dry craft beer.  Country: Poland ABV:. . .

2016 day 8 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 08, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 8: Schloss Eggenberg Silver Bottle Beer

Pale Lager Schloss Eggenberg's classic Märzenbier in a stylish packaging, unique in Austria! The very wholesome, refreshing and tasty beer, filled in a 330mL aluminum bottle is perfect for parties: it has little weight, does not break. . .

2016 day 7 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 07, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 7: Naparbier The Crimson Bird Raspberries

Saison Naparbier is commited to make beer with a high quality, using the best ingredients - natural and fresh. It means that each Naparbier beer is made without preservatives, additives and other harmful chemicals. Country:. . .

2016 day 6 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 06, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 6: Loncium Sweet Krampus

Belgian Strong Ale Sweet Krampus, huh? Little cross-cultural lesson, the Krampus, in Austria, is a figure described as "half-goat, half-demon" who, during the winter season, punishes children who misbehaved. Well, I guess your behaviour was. . .

2016 day 5 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 05, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 5: Inveralmond DeMons Belgian Abbey Ale

Belgian Ale The exclusive beers of the Trappist order are the monastic inspiration of De Mons Belgian Abbey. It might be sinister in name but there is nothing hellish about this concoction. Fig and raisin flavours conspire sweetly to envelop. . .

2016 day 4 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 04, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 4: Ticketybrew Rose Wheat

Wheat Ale This beer is alive! If you wish to leave the sediment in the bottle, store upright and pour carefully. If you're not bothered, Chuck it all in! The yeast is what makes the beer exciting. Proving that the hop needn't be. . .

2016 day 3 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 03, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 3: Teerenpeli Laiskajaakko

Dunkel Laiskajaakko (Lazy Jack) beer is made from the best and purest Finnish malt using ecological wood pellet energy. Teerenpeli Brewery was established in 1995 as one of the first microbreweries in Finland. Today they are still one of. . .

2016 day 2 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 02, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 2: Camba Bavaria Bavarian Winter

India Pale Ale Camba is a young, innovative brewery in the region of Chiemgau, in Bavaria. Beer has only been brewed in the old mill in Truchtlaching, on the river Alz, since 2008: more than 50 different types - ranging from a traditional. . .

2016 day 1 craft beeradvent calender
  • Dec 01, 2016
  • Craft Beer Imports

Day 1: Birrificio del Doge APA

American Pale Ale After having tasted many different APAs coming from every parts of the world, Doge's brewer decided to create the most drinkable APA. APA is a bronzed blonde beer with great citric aromas of orange, grapefruit and. . .


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