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Bridge Brewing Company (British Columbia)

One of the most remarkable characteristics of microbreweries is the enormous amount of soul and uniqueness they possess, the incredible pride they take in their craft and their bold passion for experimenting with different combinations of taste, techniques and flavours to bring the richest, most balanced and enjoyable beers to beer connoisseurs all over the world.

Bridge Brewing Company was Vancouver’s first ever nano-brewery, opened in 2012. The demand for their great-tasting, high quality craft beer led it to exponentially expand and add to their brewhouse capacity. Despite this growth, they retain the artistry of a traditional, intimate brewery and are working as hard as ever to ensure the production of a top line of specialty beer.

Once Upon a Time...

Two kindred souls, Leigh and Jason upsized their passion for craft beer from a garage hobby to a fully-fledged, thriving business with one simple goal in mind: to brew high quality beers with zero waste. With a small microbrewery, a passion for historically-steeped, rich craft beer and plenty of love and hard work, Leigh and Jason set out to change the beer landscape forever.

Bridge Brewing is a family of meticulously hand-crafted beer with the character and authenticity and their superior grains and hops are purchased in small quantities to ensure an always fresh and consistent product that meets the owners’ incredibly high standards.

Zero Waste

A true microbrewery in every sense of the word, the Bridge Brewing team are caring members of the community, committed to a clean environment and striving to be a zero waste brewery. In this mission, the company:

  • Mills its own grain, composting it when they’re done.
  • Washes bottle caps for reuse instead of trashing them
  • Mostly sells growlers - large, refillable glass jugs with reusable screw caps with no disposable packaging whatsoever
  • Keeps a stock of glasses to lend out if you buy a keg, to prevent the use of plastic cups.

Thanks to these incredible efforts, the Bridge Brewing Company can proudly claim to be 99% waste free.

Hand-Crafted Beer

At Craft Beer Importers Canada Inc., we are proud to bring eight amazingly crafted beers from the Bridge Brewing Company to a wider audience. Two of our particular favorites include:

Old is Gold - North Shore Pale Ale

The staple and most popular beer of the Bridge Brewing Company is undoubtedly their North Shore Pale Ale, a hop-forward ale which is also incredibly refreshing. Carrying notes of caramel, light citrus and northwest-style hops, the sweetness builds up together with the piney bitterness to create a distinct northwest pale ale flavour that encompasses everything BC.



Summer is here - Lemon Gin Saison

Bridge Brewing’s newest addition to the beer family is unique and super drinkable. Brewed with juniper berries, lemon peel, coriander and pink peppercorns, fermented with a French Saison Yeast, the notes of gin and lemon spices make it a perfect summer drink!

But don’t let us tell you what to drink! Sample the wide range of artistically brewed, complex and unique beers from the Bridge Brewing Company and discover your own personal favorite!

Craft Beer Importers Canada Inc., is proud to support this local, talented microbrewery and strives to promote its growth and success through exceptional representation and respect for its total dedication to quality and the age-old brewing tradition.

To learn more about our company, any upcoming Tap Takeover events in Calgary or about our collection of Bridge Brewing beers, contact our team today at 1-877-519-9955 or visit

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