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DAY 11: Harpoon Brewing, UFO White

Day 11!! Contact! The aliens have landed. UFO White is a crisp light bodied, white beer brewed at Harpoon Brewery in Boston, Massachusetts.

"Thanks to a trip to the Pacific Northwest in the ‘90s, the idea for UFO was born. We saw breweries there throwing lemons into hefeweizens, (Fruit? Yes, fruit!) and we simply couldn’t resist the refreshing sight. In fact, it was a sight that couldn’t be unseen … both mystifying and intriguing. While the idea of a murky beer served with fruit was a completely oddball notion back home, in that brief wondrous moment we knew it would forever change our lives. And then we tasted it. Crisp but not too strong; refreshing but not watered down; pleasing in a way that was completely and totally unique. If this were a movie, this would be the part where our eyes opened wider than they ever had, every color became increasingly more vivid, and all of a sudden everything made sense. We were bringing this bad boy back East.

We knew this hefeweizen style would truly appeal to beer lovers searching for a little more flavor and adventure from their beer. We knew it was a beer that could turn even the most beer-averse into believers with its agreeable taste that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. We knew we wanted to drink it as often as possible.

And with that, UFO was born.

The name UFO stands for UnFiltered Offering. All of our UFO beers are unfiltered, meaning we don’t filter the yeast out of the beer, which is why they’re cloudy. Since this was an alien concept for beer brewed in the Northeast at the time, we thought the UFO moniker was fitting."

Hope you enjoyed this smooth and flavorful "UnFiltered Offering"!

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