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DAY 14: Brouwerij Het Nest, Kleveretien

DAY 14!!! Another heavy hitter! In at 10%, buckle up for the Klevertien "Ten of Clubs" from Brouwerij Het Nest in Oud-Turnhout, Belgium. This Quad has all the boozy warmth to keep you feeling warm today!

"When we started a closed beer-tasting club at the end of 2000, no one would have dared to dream that 15 years later we would have a super brewery. The beer-tasting club was then still called “The Order of the Drunken Sparrow” with a logo of two sparrows with a beer in their Nest.

During tasting interest grew in everything to do with beer. We also sometimes sampled somewhat less tasty beers, and after a short while a ‘maybe we can do better ourselves’- feeling originated.

Then in 2006 a number of our tasters decided to follow a beer brewing course at a local beer guild, and we soon bought a small installation ourselves.

The end of 2006 saw the production of the first amateur brews. From then on, beers were regularly brewed by trial and error.

A nice third place at the Dutch Open Championship for Hobby Brewers was the sign to continue working with one of the recipes. Obviously the then 50-litre kettle soon became too small, and we looked for a brewery where we could brew this beer and where we particularly could stand at the kettle ourselves. Ultimately the first 500 litres were brewed at Boelens in Belsele.

We launched this beer as ‘Festivaltripel’ at the first edition of our beer festival. The beer was, and still is, a fruity triple beer with a slight bitterness and spicy aftertaste.

Then it was time for the Schuppenboer beer to see the light of day.

Because we all originate from the Turnhout, the link with playing cards was an obvious choice."

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Enjoy a cozy Saturday with this tasty Quad!

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