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DAY 15: Belgian Brew Factory, BOHO Blond

DAY 15! After boozy beers the last couple of days, we now take a step back for a crisp and smooth blond: Boho Organic Blond Beer. Boho, brewed by Belgian Brew factory in Heule, Belgium features grassy notes and a yeasty complex. This organic beauty won GOLD in the organic category at the 2018 World Beer Awards. For the uninitiated, those yeast flakes are perfectly edible/normal but if you would rather not have them in your glass here is a helpful tip from Deschuttes:

"First look at the bottom of your beer bottle in the light, if you see a layer of sediment, pour almost all of the beer at once into a glass and leave out the last 1/2 inch or so of liquid. This will minimize the amount of sediment getting into your glass. For some Belgian beers that use a special yeast and wheat, haze and sediment are normal and there should be directions on how to serve this beer on the side of the label. The wheat and yeast add flavor to this particular style of beer, so we recommend that you pour 2/3 into a tilted glass, swirl what’s left in the bottle and resume pouring in all its hazy glory!"

As for the Belgian Brew Factory :

"Located in a small village in the heart of Western Flanders, the Belgian Brew Factory is a traditional brewery with more than 15 years of experience. With a young and dynamic team, the brewmaster expresses his interpretation of exceptional brews & recipes."

Enjoy the Boho Blond!

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