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DAY 17: Brouwhuys de Vaart, Luvanium Blond

DAY 17!! Luvanium Blond a classic Belgian blonde ale from Brouwhuys de Vaart in Hofstade, Belgium.

"Luvanium blond is a beer full of tradition, inspired by the famous Leuven beer from the 18th century that was immensely popular in the low countries. Dr. J.B. Vrancken then described the beer as 'exceptionally soft, with a unique aroma and blessed with an exquisite taste palette'. Because of its exceptional taste, the beer became the king of all drinks throughout the Austrian Netherlands.

But the king of all drinks lost his unique taste and reputation over time. When the lager beers conquered the market, the once popular beer seemed to be lost forever.

The king is alive again!

Brouwhuys de Vaart was inspired by the old brewer's manuals and revived forgotten beer under the new name 'Luvanium Blond'. Based on the original ingredients and old taste descriptions, this unique beer reconciles with the original soft taste of yesteryear."


Enjoy this crisp classic!

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