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DAY 19: Uiltje Brewing, Wingman Watermelon Wit

DAY19! The Wingman Watermelon Wit beer from Uiltje Brewing in Haarlem, Netherlands. A crisp, clean taste with a hint of watermelon makes this Dutch brew a Belgian inspired hit!

"Brewing the best Dutch beers is not easy nowadays. There is an endless amount of breweries that claim to brew the best Dutch beers, which is not necessarily wrong. There are many quality beers to explore within the Dutch beer market. The beauty of the Dutch quality beers is that the Dutch are not afraid to experiment a lot when it comes to brewing. There are so many different beer styles that it is starting to get difficult to keep track of everything. In the Netherlands breweries all over the country are experimenting with ingredients in their endeavor to find their holy grail. There are the familiar beer styles like: pilsners, IPA’s and bocks. And there are the experimental concoctions that make the Dutch beer market so tremendously special.

On a typical day, we are also playing with the familiar: unfiltered lager, silky hefeweizen, smoky porters, and puckery American pale ales. But the owl is a nocturnal animal, and so are we. In the cover of night, we explore the crafty beer extremes of our medieval city Haarlem (That's Haarlem with two 'a's, the Dutch one, and the namesake of New York's single-'a'ed Harlem). The extensive use of only the world’s finest hops, results is our renowned hoppy beer that is enjoyed all across the globe. Being one of the breweries that Brews the best Dutch beers is never a dull task and so we strive to bring you endless amounts of f*cking great beer!"

Wingman: "Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire! This watermelon white beer will shake your nerves and rattle your brain! Wingman is a beer for the real daredevils. Our fighter-jet owls have very demanding tasks in their daily lives. One among them having to withstand the immense G-forces that a good day's work throws at them. After a day of aviation, our fighting owls need something to help them keep their cool.

Talk to me Goose! The Wingman Watermelon White beer is best served cold and with a side of danger! Pouring a fresh, cold can of Wingman Watermelon White into a nice big glass in slow motion will make you look ice-cool. A real Wingman! Best drink these bad boys while they're fresh, or keep them in a cool and dark place to preserve the ice-cool, refreshing contents that will help you not to lose your cool after a hard day's work!"

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Uiltje Brewing Company

Hope you enjoy!

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