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DAY 3: 3 Sheeps Brewing, Rebel Kent

DAY 3!! It's a delicious Abbey Single, Rebel Kent, from 3 Sheeps Brewing Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Their philosophy for this beer is wrapped in Belgian inspiration:

"Every sip of Rebel Kent is a science experiment in your mouth. We’ve always been fascinated by the Abbey Single, the beer of choice for Belgian monks working the fields. They were low in alcohol and high in flavor, but had one problem: they were cloyingly sweet. So we hit the books to develop a modern take on that classic idea. We found our answer in an unlikely place: the human tongue. We learned that our palates experience flavor in stages: sweetness at the front and spiciness at the back, and we designed a beer that follows that pattern. The sweetness from the Belgian yeast hits first, and is quickly balanced by a rye-malt spice, leaving you with a clean palate, ready for the next science-y sip.

This is our daily drinker, an amber ale for today’s hard workers. It’s a nod to our brewing ancestors: the rebel monks of the fields."

3 Sheeps Brewing Company
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