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Day 12: Wąsosz / Humalove Pukki

2016 day 12 craft beeradvent calender


This particular beer is an effective co-operation between Polish and Finnish brewers. The recipe was made together by the guys from Browar Wąsosz and Humalove Brewing, to give this traditional Polish beer a Finnish twist. Made from 100% oak-smoked malt, hopped it with Polish Marynka & Sybilla hop varietals and fermented it with US-05 strain. As a twist, we added some fresh spruce shoots into the filtration tun, to enrich the aroma with a small coniferous hint and to add some slightly lingering resiny finish. But still, the beer remains a classical Grodziskie with a dominating smokiness, light body and relatively high carbonation.

The label was made according to the "mustache line" from Wąsosz and the name came from Finland (Pukki means Santa).

Browar Wąsosz

Humalove Brewing

Country: Poland
ABV: 3%
Serving temp: Cool 7°C
Glassware: Pint Glass

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