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Day 20: Verzet Oud Bruin Hip Hops

Sour Red/Brown

This traditional beer style, typical for the region of the southwest of Flanders, in Northern Belgium, wakes up your mouth with a big punch in the face. Once your senses are recovered, you will discover a mixture of winey aromas, completed by red fruit, woody notes and green apple. Lactic acidity is dominant on the palate. This beer is a blend of some 'old' brown beer that already has a maturation of 6 months in oak barrels behind it, and some 'young' brown beer. Each vessel is tasted separately and cut to the taste in different concentrations with each other so that you get to drink the perfect blend.

Country: Belgium
ABV: 6%
Serving temp: Cool 4-10°C
Glassware: Tulip Glass

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