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Day 22: Eight Degrees Brewing/Jameson Irish Whiskey Phat Phantom

Irish Stout

Being in County Cork, home to the distillery where all Jameson is produced, Eight Degrees skipped the brewery collab and hooked up with their whiskey brethren to barrel age their Irish Stout for a perfect match.

With lovely roasted notes, flavours of chocolate and a hint of clove and raisin, this tastes like Christmas pudding magic in a bottle! Medium bodied with sweet fruity vanilla notes up front, followed by a measure of sharpness from the dark grains and a touch of hop bitterness and a dry finish of barrel-related tannins. The finish is smooth and roasty with a subtle whiskey glow.

Country: Ireland
ABV: 5.5%
Serving temp: 10-13°C
Glassware: Tulip, Pint

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