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Day 24: 8 Wired Brewing/Bridge Road Brewers God Save The Lager

Imperial Pilsner

And so another delicious Craft BeerAdvent Calendar comes to a close. But not without a bang! Putting aside Aussie/Kiwi differences, 8 Wired hooked up with Bridge Road Brewers and ramped up this classic Australasian Lager style marking the 12th and final collaboration of this year's calendar.

Pours a clear medium gold with a medium white head. The nose is grassy, slightly herbal, with some fruitiness in the mix. Sweet fruit kicks off proceedings, more than a bit of apple and some peach, which is met by some really firm, sticky, tongue coating hops. Hopefully, this intense lager finishes Christmas Eve just right and sets up a great time with friends and family in the days ahead!

Country: New Zealand
ABV: 7%
Serving temp: 4-7°C
Glassware: Pilsner Glass

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