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The Rise of Microbreweries and Why You Should Be Drinking Craft Beer

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Over the years, the term ‘craft beer’ has become diluted, encompassing too wide a range of beers and representing too many contradicting products. What we try to express by using the term is specific to the drink in our hand and it’s own unique array of colours, aromas, and flavors despite the fact that each microbrewery has its own one-off craft beer, with original combinations of ingredients. That being said, there is one thing that the term ‘craft beer’ can ultimately stand for across the board; quality over quantity.

Primarily known for their small-batch boutique beers, craft brewers are a creative bunch that bring to life:

  • NEW styles and flavours of craft beer.
  • NEW ingredient combinations and proportions.
  • & NEW fermentation processes.

These ‘Willy Wonka’ type brewers have passion for their craft. These specialty beers from microbreweries often have the character and quality which products from the more traditional, bigger breweries lack. Even just one sip of craft beer is an incredible journey of pleasure which will, undoubtedly, keep you coming back for more.

At Craft Beer Imports Inc., we fully comprehend the magic and artistry that goes into every bottle of microbrewery beer, which is why we are steadfast in our dedication to bringing only the best, more flavourful and historically rich beer to beer connoisseurs all across Canada.

The Rise of Craft Beer

Imagine walking into a bar ten years ago, the only selection you’d have would be the big name beers - the easiest and cheapest to import and export around the globe. Knowing (and have tasted) what you have now, there’s no way you would be content without selection. Bring it back to 2016, close your eyes and picture blueberry beer. Open your eyes and go get it, or almost any other flavor you can think of. To satisfy the growing and intense demands from craving customers, it’s common to see, alongside traditional big name brands, more and more hand-crafted microbrewery beers.

The growth of microbreweries has been explosive. Consider that in 2006, there were only 88 microbreweries in Canada while in 2014, that number rose to an incredible 520 licensed breweries.

This dramatic rise can be attributed to the fact that beer is becoming about more than just availability and alcohol content, and beer drinkers are more like connoisseurs than just recreational drinkers. Today, most customers are looking for craft beers which encompass individuality, heritage, exploration, taste and smell - all captured into one beautifully designed bottle.

Why Should I Drink Craft Beer?

According to the Brewers Association, a microbrewery produces less than 15,000 barrels of beer a year, striving for quality over quantity. Not only do these independent, non-traditional breweries produce a beer which is steeped in individuality and culture, craft beers offer:

  • Taste Aroma: Microbrewers spend the majority of their time focused on the quality of their product rather than on marketing campaigns and cutting costs. Each craft beer is brewed using hand-selected ingredients, specifically picked with certain flavour characteristics in mind and brewed with the end goal of creating a flavorful, high-quality beer. As a result, these beers are never ‘watered down’ like many of the products which come from larger, more corporate companies.
  • Preferential Selection: With 1600 microbreweries in the United States alone, the choice availability of craft beers is astronomical. Even better is that no craft beer ever tastes the same: every microbrewery produces its own unique product with its own specific and delicious flavor.
  • Health Benefits: It’s true! A recent study conducted using a pool of 48 male participants found that drinking beer reduces cholesterol levels, reduces fibrinogen levels and contains just as many antioxidants as wine. The high quality of craft beers means they are often packed full of nutrients such as B vitamins, silicon and fiber, possessing incredible health benefits.

As Western Canada’s premier Craft Beer Importers Canada Inc., we are ecstatic about this golden age of craft beer and are thrilled to be able to promote the growth and success of microbreweries all across the world. Our passion for artisan beer is undeniable and we continuously strive to expand our portfolio and bring many more exciting products to provinces all across Canada.

To learn more about our company, any upcoming Tap Takeover events in Calgary or about our incredibly popular Craft BeerAdvent® Calendar, contact our team today at 1-877-519-9955 or visit

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